Southern Post-CTF17 Tour

Interested in the effect of chaff and weed seeds on tramlines in CTF?

See the longest use of chaff-on-tramlines near Esperance on the SOUTHERN POST-CONFERENCE TOUR  (sponsored by Tuncoat Australia) tour guide Quenten Knight, PAA.

First Chaff Diverters. WA 2002

and deep ripping for less waterlogging
and better plant-available Oxygen
CTF & topsoil slotting on sodic Grey Clays
CTF needing less applied N
CTF reducing N2O emissions

Tour Leaves from conference field day 3.30 p.m Wed 23rd August

Overnight in Narrogin, Thursday a.m.
12m CTF mixed farm in higher rainfall
(Scott Thompson Broomehill).
p.m.     12/18m CTF farm on grey clay and gravel
(Wes Harding Ongerup). Overnight Ravensthorpe
Friday 12m CTF farm on low rainfall Mallee (Scultz Grain at Grasspatch) and long-term
chaff on tramlines and N efficiency improvement 9.18m CTF on mallee soil (Wandel’s Scadden).
Overnight Esperance.  Return to Perth Saturday.         Further Information Paul Blackwell (0476161729 TEXT ONLY) or Bindi Isbister (08 9956 8555)

Overview of chaff on tramlines by WeedSmart:
How Mark Wandel does it: