CTF Case Studies

Learn how four NSW low rainfall farmers have adopted controlled traffic farming.

In these profiles they share the knowledge and experience they’ve gained through the adoption process.


CTF PROFILES: Case Study 1

Producer: Paul Adam
Location: Tottenham, NSW
Soil type: Red-brown earth
Ave annual rainfall (mm): 425
Growing season rainfall (mm): 200 ave

CTF PROFILES: Case Study 2

Producer: Hayden Wass
Location: Nyngan, NSW
Soil type: Red sandy loam (80%), Gilgai country (20%)
Ave annual rainfall (mm): 450
Growing season rainfall (mm): 170

CTF PROFILES: Case Study 3

Producer: NorthParkes Mine (Matt Burkitt)
Location: Parkes, NSW
Soil type: Red-brown earth and grey clays
Ave annual rainfall (mm): 525
Growing season rainfall (mm): 230

CTF PROFILES: Case Study 4

Producer: David Greig
Location: Tottenham, NSW
Soil type: Red, clay loam
Ave annual rainfall (mm): 450
Growing season rainfall (mm): 250 ave